Kitchen diner

We used to flick through magazines ooing and ahhing at dream kitchen diners. And now, we have our own.  And we absolutely love it.

Farrow and Ball grey kitchen dining room

The space was created by knocking through a wall from the old lounge into the utility room.  A couple of  before and afters are here. The only thing we’re still waiting on is blinds – white Venetian.

If you’d like to know the paint colours check out this previous post.

Now, we’ll let the pictures do most of the talking – but, be warned, there’s a lot. I love loads of pictures on a blog, it’s so useful when trying to come up with ideas, so have echoed that here. Admittedly there are maybe a few too many……

Let’s get started at the dining room end:

Farrow and Ball Downpipe and Railings

Farrow and Ball lotus wallpaper

Edwardian kitchen diner

Grey dining room Chaise Longue Sanderson fabric cushion

Don’t you just love our slightly decadent chaise? Looking forward to using it, if we can ever get on it!

Here’s a few details from this end of the room:

We’re relieved that our choice of mismatch coloured dining chairs have worked out so well, it looks much more relaxed and less formal than having them all matching.  And, they’re exceedingly comfy! Our bespoke table is perfect too, with legs painted in the same colour as the kitchen island (Farrow & Ball Railings if you were wondering).

Multi colour dining chairs

Farrow and Ball wallpaper

Our shelves provide plenty of space for Jude’s (ever-growing) collection of cookbooks and they also house Oly’s (ever growing) collection of vinyl.

There’s also enough room for both new and old knick knacks and vintage sentimentalities, like an Italian mug, battered but brought back from Italy by my grandfather after the war. Fast forward 60 years to Venetian glass brought back from Italy by Oly’s parents.

Did you notice the random snout shaped rock? It was found on Sand Bay beach in Weston-Super-Mare and proudly presented to my mum by Oly and his brother. She loved it, it made her laugh – so now it’s back with us to make us smile too.

Let’s move down the room towards the kitchen, past our breath-taking Lotus wallpaper.

Farrow and Ball Cornforth White

Farrow and Ball downpipe

Kitchen glass cabinet shelves

Farrow and Ball downpipe cabinet

Not the best pic of the cabinet when lit, but you get the idea – it looks incredible in the evening, the orange in the hand painted cocktail glasses really pops against the DownPipe grey interiors. The beautiful champagne saucers (top middle) belonged to my great-grandmother – we often wonder what stories they could tell.

River Valley White granite

Kitchen diner renovation

Light granite dark cupboards

Belfast sink

How are you liking our granite? Ain’t she a beauty? We knew we wanted a light granite with some interest in it but not something that Oly eloquently described as “puke patterned”. We adore what we’ve ended up with and think it’s perfect with the grey cabinets and pewter handles.

Pewter kitchen handles

Pewter cup handles

Here’s a few details from the far kitchen end, including the ever-so-important Humphrey feeding station:

“You can never have enough kitchen storage” is what you always hear, well, actually you can, because now I do. I have a lot of stuff – ingredients, store cupboard essentials, pots, pans, serve ware and gadgets (Lakeland are my friends) and I’m happy to say it all now has a home.

I no longer have to grovel on my knees to fish something out of the back of cupboard and it’s small things that please me, like having all my baking stuff in one place.

I also have my ‘cooking essentials’ drawer, directly behind the hob. Hugely mocked by friends and family but it contains various oils, stocks and sauces and also alphabetised herbs and spices with room to grow. Please tell me someone else out there puts them in A-Z order?

Pewter handles Farrow Ball Railings

Franklin ikea bar stools

You’ve made it to the end of the pics, well done!

We absolutely love it – the potential of this space was one of major reasons for buying this house and we’re so glad we followed our vision. Cheers!

Champagne corks

PS:  If you’re Yorkshire based and looking for a bespoke kitchen (and interiors) company then we can (clearly!) highly recommend Rob Wordsworth who is based in Pool In Wharfedale, contact 0113 284 2730.

And if you need granite then look no further than Activ Design in North Yorkshire, just speak to the lovely, helpful Jo.

(Note, we’ve received no products, discounts or even boxes of chocolates for these endorsements, they are just genuine recommendations for incredible professionals.)

Addition (September 2014)

We were lucky enough to have a couple of professional pics taken of our kitchen. Who am I to deny readers?…..I think you can tell the difference between these shots and ours! Enjoy!

Farrow and Ball Downpipe kitchen

Farrow and Ball Downpipe kitchen

River valley granite

Farrow and Ball Downpipe kitchen rangemaster

25 responses to “Kitchen diner

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  2. Wow what a difference! You pulled off the magazine look 😉 Congrats! Enjoy!

  3. LOVE your colors, hardware, and granite! So envious of all your room and storage space (we are vastly improving ours, but we won’t have near that much). Love that your sink window comes all the way down to the countertop–I want that in my next house! And of course I alphabetize my spices. How would you find the right one if they were all jumbled up?? Nice job, Jude and Oly!!

  4. This is amazing! I’m jealous; it must be wonderful to have so much space in the kitchen. Congratulations!

  5. housenumber59

    Love love love!!! Well done, it is beautiful! I really like the granite tops, I always thought I wanted marble but the granite looks fab. How is it to clean? Do you have to be careful not to mark it? C x

    • The granite is a doddle to clean on a daily basis and doesn’t show up any water marks. Result!! If we want a totally shiny, streak-free finish a Lakeland microfibre cloth does the trick quickly and easily.

      We’ve been advised to be careful with the obvious offenders – eg beetroot, red wine, curry – as well as very hot pans straight out of the oven. So much the same as any worktop. But other than that it’s straightforward so I’d definitely recommend you reconsider – I think it’s much more suitable for kitchen areas than marble – I’m pretty sure marble would scratch easier as it’s softer and less dense than granite. I’d also recommend you try to see the actual slabs, rather than just small samples, it really does help with decisions and a good supplier will be able to arrange that for you.

  6. KatieScarlett

    Cor blimey, it looks fabulous! Call Elle Decoration and get on Come Dine With me, immediately! xx

  7. Jo

    Absolutely fabulous! The wallpaper echoes the house’s age yet the whole project is modern and elegant while, at the same time, cozy and welcoming. Love it, love it, love it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music PS Do you think Mr. Wordsworth would want to hop across the pond and build some American cabinets? He’s a treasure.

  8. What a beautiful kitchen (love the term “diner” too!)!!!! We are working on ours, and I thought I wanted something very minimalist, but when I see yours, it makes me crave warmth and charm. A+ photography, as well!

    The pops of orange are great, and I want mismatched chairs for my dining table too. I am thinking different mod styles all in white to contrast with my dark wood table. I have one so far…. Craigslist will hopefully come through and I will (patiently) acquire the other 7!

  9. Ginny

    I love your kitchen, it says “come on in and have a cup of coffee, let’s chat.” Very inviting in a sort of retro modern way. Good job! I can almost smell scones in the oven.

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  11. curt

    Beautiful home! Great job. But those counters? They look like quartzite – many slab yards classify them as granite, but they have a very fine surface and look much more like marble – but much more durable. They look something like these that took a year to find.
    You have impeccable taste – Beautiful!

  12. visitinghousesandgardens

    Fab. Just fab.

  13. What an amazing job you’ve done. Such a beautiful home you’ve created! I’m currently renovating a property and it’s lovely to see other peoples end results… Gives you hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Ha!

  14. Oh my gosh – I love love love your kitchen, it’s just beautiful! Contrats!!

  15. MM

    Nice work! How tall are your ceilings?

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  18. Isabel

    Hi. Love your kitchen diner- where is your glass chandelier from please?

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