Classically contemporary colour

We’ve had an exciting delivery from Farrow and Ball!

Farrow and Ball delivery

Amongst the delivery was all our paint for the dining kitchen. Here’s what we’re having:

Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Down Pipe for the cupboard doors

Farrow and Ball  Railings

Railings for the central island and table legs

Farrow and Ball cornforth white

Cornforth White for the walls and shelving

Farrow and Ball strong white

Strong White for the ceilings

Farrow and Ball all white

All White for the cornice and all woodwork

Farrow and Ball lotus BP 2061

Lotus wallpaper for the chimney breast

So, whilst it’s fair to say we looked away when we paid for this little lot – we’re confident it will totally be worth it.

The colour scheme may not be to everyone’s taste (“Grey? Euggggh” was one reaction) but we’re really excited by it and reckon it’ll look both classic and contemporary, allowing accent colours to stand out but not dominate.

And the best bit, we only have to wait a couple more weeks to find out!


EDITED TO ADD:  Want to see how this turned out? Sure you do! Head on over to this post to find out.


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7 responses to “Classically contemporary colour

  1. Love the wallpaper. Will you show the results?

  2. Jo

    Aaaah, you’ve got my colors. Beautiful. Are you sure you’re not in Paris? Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Anonymous

    What a lovely combination looking frwd to results

  4. THANK YOU for doing such a good list of F&B, it works well with google and got me here to this great blog. Also; I am now convinced down pipe is the color for my kitchen update, their own webpage had me lost since they make it look more black. Extra thanks for the whites! It looks fab and I will steal it when I get the chanse, lovely work so far!

    • I’m so glad it’s helped you! I scoured the web looking for inspiration when we were planning!! We’ll soon be posting lots of pics of the kitchen diner so you’ll be able to see more of the Downpipe….be sure to come back for a nosey! I have to say that we’re really liking Railings too – we’ve only used this on the island and some table legs but it looks great. And we’re really chuffed with our ceiling and wall colours too – it’s a great colour scheme for us.

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