Sitting room

Welcome to what we think is the most grown-up room in our house. And we bloody love pretending to be real-life grown-ups in it!

When we moved in, this was the dining room complete with dodgy mouldings, artex ceiling and damp.

We think we have created a space that is cosy but spacious, elegant but homely, relaxing but imposing. Oh, and it’s the space with that fireplace.

Edwardian Farrow and ball pigeon blue gray off white pointing

For our colour scheme we started off with this key piece as our inspiration:

Antique painted corner cabinetThis gorgeous corner cabinet dates from 1710 and is a family heirloom. Our colour scheme for the room therefore became:

  • Pigeon for the main body of the walls
  • Blue Gray above the picture rail
  • Off White for ceiling, skirting, window woodwork, architrave, door and picture rail
  • Pointing for the (incredible, original) cornice and the ceiling rose

(All the above paint colours are Farrow and Ball.)

For the accent red, had we been using paint we’d have gone for Incarnadine but instead we got our shot of colour with the fabric on our chair which is Sanderson’s Chiswick Red. The wing chair belonged to my mum; I’ve always loved the beautiful shape and the claw feet.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon Chiswick red Sanderson

Our blinds are from the truly wonderful David James Interiors in Leeds and are made with Sanderson’s Oleander fabric – they also made our cushions with the same fabric and are piped/backed with the Chiswick red.

The Oleander fabric is  the most perfect colour match for the Pigeon and Blue Gray and also beautifully complements the Off White ceiling and woodwork. And look how perfectly the blinds clear the (newly installed) picture rail:

Farrow and ball pigeon blue gray off white pointing

Sanderson Oleander and Chiswick red cushion

TV stand and coffee table are from Barker and Stonehouse and the sofas (and footstool) come from

Farrow and ball pigeon blue gray off white pointing wolseley sofas

Farrow and Ball Pigeon wall colour

Farrow and ball pigeon blue gray off white pointing `

Sanderson Oleander roman blinds and chiswick red chair

Farrow and Ball Pigeon living roomIt seems to be a hard room to take good pics of (or else I’m just a rubbish photographer!) but hopefully you can get a feel for the space. If it helps, it’s 14′ x 17′ 6″  (4.27m x 5.33m).

Farrow and ball lounge edwardian period

Sitting room Farrow and ball pigeon blue gray off white pointing

Farrow Ball pigeon wall paint

Farrow and Ball Pigeon

Farrow Ball Pigeon cast iron fireplace blue gray

Farrow and Ball Pigeon living room

Farrow Ball Pigeon cast iron fireplace blue gray

sensations heathers rumcake carpetHere’s a look with the blinds down:Sanderson Oleander blind

Sanderson Oleander blind

Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at this room. We love relaxing in here, and we’re not the only ones:

sensations heathers rumcake carpet

Such a smug boy….

So, what do you think? Is our Sitting Room somewhere you could while away some hours?

19 responses to “Sitting room

  1. Oh it looks so beautiful and grown up and relaxing! I adore your inspiration piece, it’s just stunning! And the cornising is to die for… of course that beautiful fire place was definitely worth all the effort – you’ve done a beautiful job!! xxx

  2. This looks great!! I love that fabric so pretty. Sometimes when renovating you feel as if all the work doesn’t look like THAT much work once you’ve finished and made everything look so nice. Which is what is great about doing a blog!!!! xx

    • You’re so right. You almost block out the misery and pain once it’s all done. Blogging forces a (fairly enjoyable!) look back at where you came from. It’s nowhere near the level of your transformations but we’re pretty proud anyway! x

  3. This looks so calm and inviting! Congratulations on a beautiful room! Hard work always pays off!

  4. Jo

    Gorgeous. I could spend loads of easy hours there. The shades are stunning. Great job on everything. Relax and enjoy, you grown-ups, you. Jo

  5. Fabulous room! That corner cabinet is just gorgeous. Love the oleander fabric–it reminds me of some wild 1940s dogwood wallpaper I used to have in my hall. The windows are so pretty, and it looks like you have a nice territorial view and landscaping that really compliments your room!

  6. I do adore the corner cabinet – and its history. I’ll blog about it soon. And yes, we like the view out the front though, honestly, the hard landscaping needs quite a lot of work. That’s parked for a couple of years at least!

  7. Well this is the second time I’ve looked at the sitting room reveal today, and I’m amazed! It’s absolutely beautiful! The colours you’ve chosen and the fabric for the blinds are perfect together. They compliment the cabinet beautifully. You must be so proud!! I don’t think I’d even bother with the TV, we’ll not for the next few weeks at least. I think you should just sit and admire your work!! It’s making me think about colour choices for my sitting room, and like you I think I definitely need something other than magnolia on the walls and ceiling to show off the cornicing! I love how prominent it is because you haven’t put white on the ceiling. Fab!! I’ll be back again tomorrow for another gawp!! Xx

    • Awwww, thanks – glad you like it so much!! We haven’t used white on the ceiling in any room (well, except the bathroom) as it really does help make the cornicing a standout feature.

      It’s the best original feature we have (except the fireplace of course!) so we didn’t want it to get lost. When we mist coated everything post-plastering and it was all white, it really did just disappear!

      I’ll get other room reveals up (hopefully!) in the coming weeks and you’ll see how the corncing pops in every room – even where we’ve used lighter colours.

      • I agree entirely! It is the best!!! Well, unfortunately I’ve got no original fireplaces, so it’s the best in our house. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the reveals, and possibly having a little more inspiration on colours/decor. I’m thinking midnight blue for the sitting room (walls), I’ve seen a beautiful bronze sofa… But this leaves me at a loss for a colour on the ceiling – hmmm. Anyway, keep the reveals coming!!! Can’t wait to see ’em!!! Xx

        • Our bedroom is Hague Blue, very dark with white woodwork/cornice and the palest of blues on the ceiling, Cabbage White. It’s still enough of a difference for the cornice to pop but doesn’t look odd. Midnight blue with a bronze sofa would be stunning! x

  8. Ohh, it’s lovely! Well done! Can’t believe you plastered over the lovely artex ceiling though 😉
    Pigeon is a much more moody colour than I’d expected from the F&B colour card, but it works soo well in your room.

    • Moody is a really good way to describe Pigeon – we absolutely love it. It truly changes with the light and isn’t like any other colour we’ve used before. As for the artex, well, honestly, we’re such heathens. Whatever next? 😉

  9. Humph looks so comfy in that room! Adorable.

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