In late 2012 we moved into an Edwardian house in Leeds (UK) that needed renovation and a lot of TLC. This blog aimed to capture the transition from house to home that we (mostly) completed within a year.

This site did not intend to inspire or teach – we had no ideas above our station – it was merely to give anyone with an interest a gander at our journey.

Our house on the day we moved in

Our house, the day we moved in

It also serves as something to look back at; to remind us of the transformation and show us where all our savings went!

We are not DIY enthusiasts, we are not particularly practical or handy, we work full-time and unfortunately couldn’t just hand the whole project over to professionals.

We don’t have a clue about interior design rules.

However, we knew our limits, we’re enthusiastic and determined – some may say a little stubborn and incredibly silly.

This site is no longer being updated but we hope it still helps/amuses people who come across it.


13 responses to “Welcome

  1. Love your welcome page, can’t wait to read more! You are lucky to be in a house like that . it’s beautiful! And thanks for following but watch out! DIY is addicting

  2. Are you a professional writer? Your writing skills are very well-polished!

  3. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  4. This house is gorgeous. I grew up in an older home and it’s my dream to own a Victorian or Colonial, or something of the like. Just thinking about who might have lived there and what they wore in the house or what they did, that’s so exciting to me. This is going to be quite an adventure for you 🙂

    • I also grew up in an older home (well, a flat) and so have always lusted over high ceilings! We’ve often wondered what the walls could tell us and what they will have seen over the years; especially given the chequered history of the house

  5. Amazing! You are so lucky…I would love to do that! I think all you are and will go through will be worth it in the end. I cannot wait to watch your journey!

  6. Hello, pleased to meet you, your plight looks similar to mine! katie

  7. How exciting – am off to have a look round your blog now! Our Edwardian flat was our project last year although there are still things to be done. We’re now back to the “day job” of restoring two Victorian houses!

  8. I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and I so impressed with all that you have done to your house/”home”. Great work

  9. Thanks for the comment and like on our blog. I will also follow yours now, we seem to be doing a similar thing except you are way ahead of us both in terms of the blog and the project. Good luck with both…

  10. liz hills

    Wow! Your project and posts about it inspire me. The effort and results are incredible. I’ve been thinking about buying a project house, maybe not an Edwardian one but one that needs modernising, and you’ve given me the momentum to do it.

  11. Very nicely done I must say.

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