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Looks like we made it!


Over a month ago I promised I would blog the following week. Yeah, about that…… I’ve even had complaints from friends!

But then a very wise blogger commented on one of my recent posts with:

The house will be yours forever – and there’s no hurry to chase forever. xx

Very true, and since then I kind of calmed down on the perfection and certainly stopped feeling guilty for not having updated this site (Oly says my Catholic upbringing means I always default to guilt.)

However, if you’re still interested, I promise to update and fill your screens with pics in 2014.

Today I’ve been cooking and preparing since 7am for the arrival of the outlaws and am just squeezing in this post before their arrival.

So there’s just time to say: WE ONLY BLOODY DID IT! We said 1 year ago that we’d be ready for Christmas 2013 and, well, we are.

And, dear reader, it’s looking pretty fabulous.

We’re exhilarated, exhausted and a tiny bit emotional. I wanted to know my mum would have been proud and – as I hit the worst time of year for missing her like hell – I know she would be.

I’ll leave you with a set of the most hurried festive pics ever – I envy other blogs with their beautifully styled photography – however, it gives the general idea.

May God bless us, every one.



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