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Kitchen diner cabinets added


Cabinets are in place!

Tall cupboards with space for fridge freezer

Tall cupboards with space for fridge freezer

First glance at our Down Pipe wall cupboards!

First glance at our Down Pipe wall cupboards!

Very happy with this colour!

Very happy with this Farrow & Ball colour!

Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

That's a lot of flooring. But then, there's a lot of floor.

That’s a lot of flooring. But then, there’s a lot of floor.


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Kitchen diner progress

Progress is being made at a steady rate.

Day 6 progress

Day 6 progress

Already it’s becoming hard to remember what this was all like before.

Coming home from work today was like walking into a warehouse. Do we really live here?!

Kitchen cabinets delivered

Our kitchen cabinets have been delivered!

Warehouse hallway

No idea where they’d have put it all without the massive hallway!


BooBoo checks that everything has been delivered to his exact specification. He’s a very exacting bear.

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Classically contemporary colour

We’ve had an exciting delivery from Farrow and Ball!

Farrow and Ball delivery

Amongst the delivery was all our paint for the dining kitchen. Here’s what we’re having:

Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Down Pipe for the cupboard doors

Farrow and Ball  Railings

Railings for the central island and table legs

Farrow and Ball cornforth white

Cornforth White for the walls and shelving

Farrow and Ball strong white

Strong White for the ceilings

Farrow and Ball all white

All White for the cornice and all woodwork

Farrow and Ball lotus BP 2061

Lotus wallpaper for the chimney breast

So, whilst it’s fair to say we looked away when we paid for this little lot – we’re confident it will totally be worth it.

The colour scheme may not be to everyone’s taste (“Grey? Euggggh” was one reaction) but we’re really excited by it and reckon it’ll look both classic and contemporary, allowing accent colours to stand out but not dominate.

And the best bit, we only have to wait a couple more weeks to find out!


EDITED TO ADD:  Want to see how this turned out? Sure you do! Head on over to this post to find out.


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Kitchen diner – the grand plan

It may not look like much, but this is the cunning master plan:


The grand plan

Now the space is opened up we can finally begin to imagine what it may look like.

Day 2 has seen new pipes under the floorboards as well as prep to lower the ceiling above the kitchen end.

Humphrey and a saw

Humph claims it was all his hard work and that’s why his paws are so dirty.

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Kitchen diner day 1

Our biggest project has started! Having returned from a much-needed break in Corfu we set about clearing the utility room:

And then the lounge, which looked immediately better as soon as the dark red carpet was ripped up (and duly freecycled!):

We then took the opportunity in the empty room to measure up for the dining table we’re having made.

Why use a tape measure when a 6'2'' Oliver will do?

Why use a tape measure when a 6’2” Oliver will do?

The next day, it was all change as the (already false) wall came down pretty quickly:

Out came the mouldings and the fire surround:

Now, it’s no exaggeration to say that when this was all done and tidied up for the day, we just stood in the space and repeatedly exclaimed, in a soap opera stylee:  “Oh. My. God.” (and some choice expletives).

We really hadn’t been able to visualise how it could look and just how huge and cavernous it feels, let alone how lovely and light it would be.

Looking towards what will be the dining area

Looking towards what will be the dining area

Looking towards what will be the kitchen end

Looking towards what will be the kitchen end

So, that’s what 14 by 30 feet looks like. Who knew?!

We suspect the changes over the next few days will not be as dramatic, but can’t wait to find out.

We’re now incredibly excited about realising our dream space, a tiny bit apprehensive that what we’ve chosen will all come together but, above all else, very pleased with ourselves that we were able to spot this potential. (We’re just not thinking about the cost………..)


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Blooming lovely

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”

Iris Murdoch, author and philosopher

Since the weather has (finally) been getting warmer we’ve been enjoying watching what’s appearing in our garden because, of course, we had no idea what was lurking beneath the soil.


Peony by the front gate


The peonies are nestled under a stunning Laburnum tree


Clematis keeping the rose company outside the front door


What colour will you be Rosie? (And yes, we shall nuke the bugs)


There’s plenty of Lily of the Valley in the back garden – it smells divine!

So, to have all these things just bursting into life is great, especially as we’re really not that green fingered. Who knows, maybe when we’ve finished with the house we may discover a new passion…..

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