Ladies and gentleman, we gave you, the 1980’s finest!!


Dark, dark, dark. You should see it at night!


Even the Alessi and Le Crueset can’t lift the mood.


The thing from the ceiling just has a light in it. Nah, don’t ask us, we don’t get it either.

We’ve had conflicting opinions from visitors, some actually really like this kitchen. But it’s safe to say, we don’t.

Dark, dingy, old-fashioned. Tiniest sink, rubbish oven and a dishwasher, inconveniently, across the hallway in the utility room! It is, in fact, a great quality and well built kitchen but it certainly doesn’t redeem it in our eyes.

So, it was an easy choice – it goes. When we were viewing the house the estate agent said that the kitchen had put a lot of people off. A no brainer really but, to us, it just presented an opportunity to create exactly what we wanted instead.

In time, this will become the utility room. For now, it is a shrine to the craftsmanship and taste of 1980s Britain.


And yet, the kitchen was the hub of our housewarming. Why is it always the way?

Do you have any comments?

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