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Music room reveal – but first, a few details

This room has been done (like the rest of the house!) for yonks…..I’ve just not been able to keep the blog up to date!

Anyway, after our exciting baby news, this room has had a little tweaking. Originally it was just the music room/second spare room but now it also had to incorporate stuff from the study, to make room for a nursery. It’s not massively changed the room really, just needed some sorting, adding the computer etc.

Before the reveal, I wanted to explain a few things in this room.

Firstly, my prized possessions:

Show posters

When I was at uni I produced several shows and, as was tradition, at the end of the production you would be presented with a poster signed by all the cast.


Lost In Music was the first show I produced/directed and I also co-wrote – in the second term of my second year. I say ‘wrote’ very loosely, it was basically a review show threaded together with a tenuous plot involving a time machine (yep, really) that meant musical characters got ‘lost’ in music. Hey, the audience LOVED it – as did I and it started my passion for putting on shows.


Next came the well-known Hair – an amazing show – that I was privileged to produce in the first term of my final year. We had such an incredible array of talent at uni  – both the 70 strong cast on stage and the back stage crew and band – that this really was a very professional production and sold out every night. And, yes, the famous nude scene happened, tastefully staged with blinding back lighting to preserve dignities.


Spotlight was the final show, right before my degree finals, which I once again directed and co-wrote. It was, again, a review show but this time threaded together with  stronger plot. Well, slightly stronger anyway. And thanks to a mutual friend who was my Musical Director, Oly played sax in this show though we didn’t know each other then. 9 years later the same Musical Director provided the band at our wedding.

The shows were the highlight of my time at Uni, so many amazing memories and lovely people, some of whom remain my very best friends. If I’m feeling glum or like I can’t achieve anything I will go and read a few of the comments. Instant tonic.

So, these were always destined for the music room and, in part, inspired the colour scheme of cool greys – to provide the perfect backdrop for these.

Next up in this room, the Goose Chest:


Both my grandfather and great-grandfather were stockbrokers – and in their spare time took up carpentry. I’m not sure which of them made the Goose Chest but we have great affection for it. It was made to, quite literally, house the big sacks of goose feed!! It now houses Oly’s music bits and bobs:



It’s not great quality wood but we love it’s history and shabbiness, which is why we’ve never wanted to paint it. It apparently lived near a backdoor and doubled as somewhere to sit down and put on your wellies. In our house, Humph just adores lying on it.

On the walls in this room we also have a Mayan hieroglyphic of our wedding date – we had this made at Chichen Itza:


As well as this amazing Song Map which I bought as a present for Oly:

Song Map by Dorothy

This is a must-have for music fans – get your own here. Dorothy do a load of other cool stuff, so it’s worth checking out.

Anyway, wanna see how all this fits into our music room/spare room/study? Head here.



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So, erm, yeah, this is happening. Our Panda.

The last bedroom to do in the house is the smallest one, which we’d always earmarked as a study.

The original estate agents pic - when used as a boy's room

The original estate agents pic – when used as a boy’s room

We stripped off it’s ancient wallpaper and got rid of the insipid blue colour. It was plastered a few weeks ago (yes, it was another artex ceiling) and then we spent ages choosing a colour scheme. Of course, it was set to be no ordinary study as we decided on:

Seriously, come on, isn’t that wallpaper just amazing for a feature wall? White furniture and gold accessories were the order of the day. We even spray painted Oly’s sad looking wooden penguin.

Doesn’t he look more majestic now he’s gold?!

I was all ready to order our carefully chosen paint and beautiful wallpaper and we’d even bought a white desk. And then we stopped.

The room has stood empty in its bare plastered state for the past 9 weeks.

We’ve told everyone we’re just having an uncharacteristic break.

We put down the wallpaper sample and paint chart and held our breath.

Because this happened:


With various health complications and Mother Nature getting in the way we have spent years of watching our darling friends have beautiful babies, years of insensitive questioning and years of longing. And now, it would appear, it is finally our turn!!!

We wanted to wait until the 12 week scan before telling anyone particularly as the risk of losing our much-wanted baby was elevated. So we held our heavy, amazing secret between just the two of us. Honestly, they were the longest weeks of our lives.

I felt terribly grotty with constant nausea (particularly bad at 3am!). If I didn’t eat something at least every two hours it intensified. The smell of cooked veg (let alone the taste) – made it worse…and I’ve never been a fussy eater. I am sick to death of digestive biscuits. My existing back injury returned with a vengeance, I couldn’t sleep and was constantly exhausted. And yet, I loved every single one of these symptoms – I’d have probably put up with anything.

We longed to tell someone, anyone, but we didn’t. If we had to deal with any heartbreak it would’ve been easiest to deal with it alone. I talked to my mum every day though – pretty confident she could hear me – and finding myself missing her more than I ever thought would be possible.


Hello Panda!

But then, finally, our scan date arrived and we saw our baby for the first time wriggling around and repeatedly staring at the screen.

Oly has decided we are actually having a panda as when he/she looked straight at us the dark eye sockets really did look like a panda. So that’s what he/she is currently called.

I stopped holding my breath and honestly thought my heart would burst. We practically floated out of the hospital.

We had a whirlwind week telling people our wonderful news and I was genuinely overwhelmed by the love from our friends – so many wonderful, beautiful comments about our suitability as parents. Clearly we’re not the only ones who have been waiting for this.

We haven’t even been out for a celebratory dinner yet, though we did have some friends round and champagne was popped! Note to self, insist to Husband we go out for a celebratory scoff.

Humph has been told and reassured that he will still get vast amounts of fuss and attention.

He seemed pretty content with the good news

He seemed pretty content with the good news

So, needless to say….the study will not be a study after all. I will not be getting my beloved Ocelot wallpaper, but maybe one day Panda will choose it for themselves?!! It’s certainly incredible timing – we’ve now done everything we need to in the house except the bathroom and the nursery which will get finished in the next couple of months.

Will the nursery be incredibly stylish and uber cool? Will it heck! It’s going to full of brightly coloured silliness, preferably in the form of critters. We dread drowning in a sea of baby blue, baby pink or other pastel sundae colours. Not in this house! The walls however will, of course, be Farrow and Ball.

Anyway, that’s our news. We’re simply overjoyed. And I guess it’s what really is going to make our house a home.


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