Which way do you hang Lotus wallpaper? A Facebook debate

We decided to upload a couple of pics of our lovely new kitchen diner to Farrow and Ball’s fabulous inspiration site.

I find it so useful looking at other people’s projects – whether my taste or not – and particularly like to see how paint colours turn out in different areas;  incredibly helpful for choosing. So we thought we’d do our bit by sharing our pics, we’re gracious like that.

F&B accepted the pictures onto their site last week, all was good.  Then I was a bit surprised to browse Facebook yesterday and see a pic of my own kitchen staring back at me in the news feed!


It was shared by Farrow and Ball with the message “What do you think of this kitchen recently uploaded to our Inspiration site? Anything you’d change or perfect as it is?”

Now, there was a fair bit of love for the piccie (over 400 likes to date and 40+ shares) however there was also much hatred. And you know what? It didn’t bother us at all; it was just amusing how unnecessarily vicious strangers feel they have the right to be.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I dare say we wouldn’t like a lot of their homes so we don’t particularly care if they don’t like ours.

However, the comments that were actually annoying were the ones about the fact we had hung the wallpaper upside down. Facebook’s arm-chair interior designers chose to call us ‘idiots’, ‘knobs’ and ‘cocks’ because of it.  (But we’ve probably been called worse over more important things than wallpaper……)

Lotus BP 2061Lotus BP 2061Anyway, the lovely Lotus paper can be hung either way, it’s a matter of preference.

We spent a long time deciding and discussing the merits of both ways :

“It looks like cupped hands”, “It’s a smile”, “It’s a frown”, “I can see a beard now”, “That’s a weird jellyfish”, “Do you just see lady bits?” and so on.

But we chose the way we wanted it, up it went and we bloody adore it. We know it’s not to everyone’s taste and, honestly, we couldn’t give a monkeys.

However, I was very pleased that F&B graced their comment thread with the following:

“We love how passionate everyone is about this! As with anything aesthetic, subjectivity is the watch-word of the day – everyone’s opinion counts here and we welcome both positive comments and constructive criticism… We also thank the owner of this home for adding their photos to our inspiration site to help inspire others.

With regard to the direction of the Lotus pattern, this can be hung either way depending on personal preference. This is a common quandary and we have previously created a board on Pinterest to show how Lotus looks hung both ways. Included in this board is a picture of the original inspiration behind our Lotus pattern, taken from 19 century French archives: http://pinterest.com/farrowball/lotus-wallpaper-hung-both-ways/

Original Lotus paper inspiration

And here is that lovely original inspiration for the Lotus pattern from 19th century French archives  –  adapted and simplified to become the Farrow & Ball Lotus design.

Oh, well, now, will you look a that?! It’s the same way up as our wallpaper.


Sorry, couldn’t help cheering. I guess that’s why we’re knobs/cocks/idiots. But we knew that already.


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18 responses to “Which way do you hang Lotus wallpaper? A Facebook debate

  1. I actually think you idiots HAVE hung it right-side-up. If you look at the small buds between the big lotuses, they are pointing UP, as they naturally would, while the petals of the large blooms are drooping down, as they would as the flower unfolds. Flowers tend to point up, and these do. So there! Why do people have to be mean??

  2. People can be ridiculous especially with the anonymity that the Internet provides. I’m glad you’re not letting it get to you. Your kitchen is stunning!!!

    • Thanks – yes, you’re right, I bet they wouldn’t be so mean to people they know. I just don’t understand the mentality – if I saw something I didn’t really like I would never really be bothered enough to post a comment, would just accept that everyone’s taste is different. And ain’t that a good thing?!

  3. housenumber59

    I can’t believe how mean people can be! That is the scary thing about putting ourselves and our homes ‘out there’. Your kitchen is beautiful and has provided me with so much inspiration.

    I hope that all of the positive reactions you get for sharing your lovely home make the negatives ones worth it x

    • Absolutely, the positives outweigh the negatives – it genuinely didn’t get to us. I just found it incredibly hard not to post a comment; I’m not normally known for keeping my gob shut when something needs to be said!

      It’s so nice to know we’ve inspired people, even if in the tiniest way. Blogosphere is sooooo much friendlier than social media!

  4. Jo

    Gorgeous, gorgeous. I aspire to your aesthetic. After looking at your Pinterest page I agree with the first comment–I think you’ve got it right. Carry on! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music
    PS You’re famous now, HA!

  5. Your kitchen is fabulous!!! Ignore Bitchers obvs got nothing better to do with their time!!! I love it x

  6. Lindsey

    Just think of all the wonderful times you’ll have in your wonderful kitchen, while all those vicious people are living their jealous, bitter little lives, probably in drab little hovels. Vicawhite is right: “fabulous!” As are you xxx

    • Haha, say it like it is my darling!! One thing I do know is that my mum would have been unbelievably proud and would have loved the fact it divided opinion. She always liked to be different!! xx

  7. Thanks for the link on the inspiration page, havent seen that one before! I would take a guess that F&B users might be a tad bit conservative when it comes to interiors… You have traditional bones that go well with the house, but the decor is more modern. I like it a lot but even if i didnt i think i would be able to appreciate the personal touch of it. I am not to fond of text-book looks. I think if F&B asks the question then people will take the chance to define their taste, and in that context I think it is useful to be critical, otherwise the point is lost. Not fun to be exposed to that though if you arent looking for a debate, just to share. But there really is no excuse to be using that tone.

  8. curt

    You have hung it correctly. This French pattern is from a very old ceramic pattern from China. It could be hung the other way, but it wouldn’t be a lotus anymore. Beautiful home.

  9. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this website.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal.
    I must say you’ve done a fantastic job with this. Additionally,
    the blog loads extremely quick for me on Opera. Excellent Blog!

  10. sugarpuff

    I would just like to say that your kitchen is beautiful and thank you for sharing it, especially as I have just painted half a bedroom with Cornforth White and have nearly chickened out as it looks scarily lilac when it is sunny! I have regained my nerve having looked through your photos and I’m going to carry on painting today, hopefully it will look as elegant as your kitchen when finished! I also just wanted to say that I saw your kitchen come up a while back on Facebook (I really liked it!) and I was horrified at people’s totally unnecessary nasty comments about the wallpaper. I mean seriously, people need to get a grip! I am sincerely glad that you have not taken it all to heart, and this is a great comeback, “In your face Facebook critics” made me laugh out loud. Best wishes.

    • Thanks so much – glad we can help inspire! Definitely don’t chicken out with the Cornforth; it really is a lovely colour and such a versatile backdrop. In fact, we’re considering using it in another room now, we like it so much. I’ve noticed how F&B always now point out on Facebook when a picture belongs to a contributor, so comments are generally less harsh now! Ah well, still don’t care, we love it and that’s all that matters!

  11. Anonymous

    I love the colour choices, the wallpaper, the fittings…EVERYTHING!
    You are so lucky to have a beautiful home . I’m not surprised the rude comments don’t bother you ..you get to live there they don’t!

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