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Bugger. Our granite is vented

There are some words in life you never really expect to utter, particularly when you don’t really understand what they mean.  “Bugger.  Our granite is vented” falls squarely into that category.

You’re intrigued now, surely?

granite slabs

Well, we had excitedly gone to a stone merchant in Sheffield to look at slabs of granite, fresh off the boat, for our kitchen worktops.

(We have to admit to a slightly middle-class bourgeois thrill at choosing our exact slabs).

Job done, marked up as ours  and off we smugly went for a latte. Yep, true to type.

Until a couple of weeks later when the very nice granite lady called to tell us the problem – they’d had our slabs delivered only to discover they were vented.


“Got’oles in it”.

That’s the trouble with this damn natural stuff formed over hundreds of years;  just doesn’t always turn out like it is in the brochure.

“Not to worry, we  can get more.” Silence. “Can’t we?” Turns out the particular granite we wanted – River Valley White – has been halted for export by the Indian Government under claims of illegal quarrying. Ah.

Trouble was we hadn’t really seen anything else we liked quite as much and would go so well with our chosen kitchen colour scheme.  Thankfully, granite lady is  exceedingly resourceful and tracked down the last slabs in the UK courtesy of a chap in Birmingham. She even went to the trouble of sending us a pic of our actual slabs.

River Valley White, waiting to be cut to size

Our River Valley White, waiting to be cut to size

And the happy truth is that we like this more than the stuff we had original chosen.

So, no need to vent our frustration (sorry, couldn’t resist.)



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