This is now, without a doubt, my favourite room in the house.

Over the last 2 years we’ve mostly used this room as a study, a store room and a hideout for Humph whilst we’ve had parties. Before we moved in it was a little boy’s room. This is the estate agents pic:


And now it looks like this:

Cornforth White nursery

If you’re interested, you can find details of paint colours, items etc in a previous post.

But, for now, here’s a closer look:


The incredible wall sticker is by Nubie. We love how vibrant it looks but confess it took us hours to get on the wall as we messed about with positioning given it all comes as separate pieces!



And an amazing ‘Dream Big’ hand painted banner by a talented friend:


Check out Inky Huckster if you want something similar – she does custom orders too.

Have you spotted our lovely Panda curtains? We’re so grateful to our gorgeous friend for making these, and don’t they look fab?


Over on this side of the room then we have the changing table (Mamas and Papas), a nursing chair (Kiddicare) plus some artwork and gloss shelves (Ikea).







We’re really pleased with the teal gloss Ikea shelves which help add an additional pop of colour to the room. The shelves house various critters:


This gang is a mix of old and new – including mum’s Hedwig and my little moose I got on a trip to Sweden when I was 17 and links back to my Scandinavian ancestry. The badger came from Ikea and has fast become Oly’s favourite who makes him talk like Brian Blessed. Obviously.


This little lot are my ‘beasts’ from when I was little, they’ve never left me! Clockwise from bottom left is Hedge, Hiss, Snowwhite Belinda and Uncle Froggie. Yeah, I don’t really get the names either but am quite sure they made perfect sense to Small Me.

The shelves also have a mix of old and new books – held in place by a lovely limited edition Little Miss pic – a pressie from a very dear friend.


The books have some of my raggedy favourite childhood ones, some new ones bought by kind friends and also this:


Mum gave me this on my 25th birthday. Yep, really:


I love the fact it is a baby board book that I will be able to read to my daughter. And yet it came from mum some time ago  – it’s as if it’ll be her reading it to her granddaughter instead. Soppy? Yep, you better believe it.

Over to the cot then:


The little patchwork blanket was made by my godmother for me when I was about 4.


And the orange tag blanket was given by the same lovely friend who gave the Little Miss pic. It’s so soft and has a variety of cute tactile tag ribbons.


There’s some more critters on and around the cot awaiting the arrival of tiny hands and tiny feet.


Included is her first bear. We’ve called him Bear for now. Original. Also are three lovely little rabbits – strangely three work colleagues all bought me rabbits and they didn’t even know we were having a sort of woodland themed nursery.



And, perched on top of the wardrobe looking down over the cot like a Guardian BearAngel (yes, I admit, I’ve lost it) is my bear, BooBoo. Believe it or not, I’ve never really been a cuddly toy person (no, seriously!) but BooBoo was a pressie from my darling bro when I went to uni and has been with me through thick and thin. Oly and I have always found a place for him in all our homes together. He’s exceedingly huggable and will no doubt come into his own in the coming few years.


The seagull? Oh, that’s Fred. It’s a long story related to when my big brother was abroad studying for 6 years when I was little and we used to send Fred with messages for him. Growing up by the seaside there were a lot of Freds. Oly bought this one for my mum – it squawks when you press it, which she loved (probably more than an adult should).

And it’s probably time I mentioned that light. We are so pleased with it – it’s from Ikea and is called Maskros. It’s the choice of many a blogland nursery and you can see why.



It’ll be lovely for small eyes to gaze up at. They did a smaller version but it would’ve been nowhere near as impactful or whimsical.


We’ve fitted it with a dimmer switch and it throws the most wonderful patterns onto the walls and ceiling.



So, that’s it. All ready for her Ladyship to make an appearance. I have 4 days left to due date and wondering if she’ll ever decide to appear, there’s no signs yet. Here’s the obligatory ‘giant bump in nursery’ pic.


We’re super pleased with the nursery and freely admit it may be a touch too silly in places for some people’s liking. But it’s very very “us” and we had no intention of seeking design awards for this room! I’m looking forward to many happy years in here.


As always, I’d love to know what you think, so please do comment!

10 responses to “Nursery

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  2. Anonymous

    I love it!!! Xxx

  3. Love that fox on the wall mural…

  4. Very lovely ! I am very glad you shared and it was beautifully put together!

  5. What an awesome room! I love it that you are sentimental about your old toys … so am I, and I’m not even preggers. I have always been a fan of that Ikea light, too. Only four days? Best wishes for a perfect birth day!

  6. The room is lovely. All of the personal touches are what make it the perfect room for your little girl. Good luck with the last couple of days of pregnancy. I can’t wait to meet baby!

  7. Ahhhh my first comment didn’t work 😦 It was lengthy too! Haha
    To summarise, what a gorgeous room for a lucky little lady 🙂
    We very nearly went for the same range (Harbour from M&P isn’t it?) but sadly it wouldn’t fit into our space. Oh well! Love all the colours everywhere and especially the sentimental touches and panda curtains! All it’s missing now is the baby, eeeep. Good luck! xx

  8. Ellen

    Lovely nursery, wishing you all the best!

  9. Jo

    So many lovely colors — such a cheerful room. All the little touches say, “I love you, Baby.” Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  10. It looks stunning Jude. The colours are gorgeous and I just love the panda curtains x

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