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Bye-bye hideous kitchen. Hello, ‘the something room’.

We were delighted to get home and find this sight greeting us:

Outside oven

How on earth we managed to cook Christmas dinner in this is beyond me…..

That oven had absolutely no place in a proper kitchen and deserved to be put outside, unloved and unwanted by the skip, like the bad, crappy, naughty oven it is.

The overflowing skip indicated that the old kitchen had been ripped out.

The overflowing skip indicated that the old kitchen had been ripped out.

Hooray the kitchen was gone! It was a room where you ALWAYS had to put the light on, even in the middle of a bright sunny day, just to see what you were doing.

Old Kitchen

Darker than the inside of my troubled mind…..

It has also signified the final piece in the puzzle that has been our electrics. It’s a long, boring, story involving a missing earth, a dodgy connection and multiple failed safety inspections. We have had electricians hunting for days to sort out our very weird, illogical electrics and the final problem lay in this ceiling.

It’s now all sorted but because of it the false ceiling also now needs redoing – it was a choice of cutting holes in that or the en-suite floor (being directly above). For obvious reasons, we went with the ceiling. Now the final part of the electrical work will be paying – and we are DREADING the bill. <gulp>

Rip out

The pointless hanging light contraption remained. Almost ironically.

Already this room seems bigger and brighter.

Already this room seems bigger and brighter.

Anyway, we really have very little idea what to ultimately do with this space and loosely call it the ‘utility room’ as that’s the primary function it will serve. Well, actually, it’s main function is that it’s where Lord Humphrey sleeps as his cat tunnel is in there.

Oh, and its other function will be to store the spare freezer. And the new boiler. And some furniture. And paint. And all our booze (hic). So, it’s clear why this room has a bit of an identity crisis.

So, for now, we’re just going to plaster, get the damp proof course finished off and concrete over the floor. Plumb in the washing machine and tumble dryer and that’ll be about it. Well, we may put the dart board up.

This room is way down the list of priorities at the moment and not something we can justify spending cash on so it may remain unloved for a little while. Though not as unloved as the kitchen that used to be in here.

We all know this room swill become known as 'Humphrey's Room'. Why are they fighting it?

We all know this room will become known as ‘Humphrey’s Room’.  Aren’t they all?



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Floored by the choices

We’ve never bought a floor before, just carpet or a bit of lino. So getting the floor right for our kitchen diner was a little bit daunting.

Thankfully Kitchen Guy was, as ever, on hand to ply us (get it?!) with the best advice.

We always knew we wanted an engineered wood floor and Kitchen Guy recommended Tuscan Flooring as the best range – he really likes the way it goes together and the finished look. He’s had lots of happy customers with this product.

So, that helped narrow the choices. Not sure where we’d have begun otherwise – our usual internet trawl would’ve been most likely. But then we were actually floored by the choices available.

Brushed? Oiled? Lacquered? Scraped? 1 strip? 3 strip? Natural? Brushed? Elite? Sealed with the tears of a unicorn? Distressed? We certainly were.

Rather than offering a technical and sensible way to choose a floor we wanted a guide that was more like:

Prone to scratching? Moi?

  • Looks great
  • Cat friendly
  • Doesn’t scratch easily
  • Suitable for lazy people who don’t want to clean it all the time
  • Won’t need oiling or sanding every few years (or, heaven forbid, more often)
  • Doesn’t require a second mortgage

There was only one way to settle the never-ending choices in the range and that was to look at actual samples. Once we did this it became surprisingly straightforward.

We didn’t want something that was actually wood but looked like laminate due to an unnatural lacquer, we wanted to retain the warmth and character of real wood – or, what’s the point in having an engineered floor?

Importantly, we wanted something that wasn’t too perfect, something we wouldn’t be worried about marking or scratching. Something we wouldn’t be worried about any house guests scratching or marking.

Got wood?

Got wood?

We got slightly confused by the fact that a real wood floor – we were really liking the Golden Oak hand distressed and lacquered – was actually coming out cheaper per square metre than engineered.

Kitchen Guy put us straight on that one – engineered is, as the name suggests, more expensive due to having had more done to it. Solid wood wouldn’t be suitable for our room anyway because we’d need a joist down the centre of it (our floor is half concrete and very uneven/sloping in places).

So, back on to engineered wood we settled on the natural brushed and lacquered in the Elite range.  It ticked all the boxes and came with a whopping 25 year residential guarantee. Can’t say fairer than that. (The solid wood, it’s worth noting, only had a 10year guarantee).

And the result is fabulous, we love it.

Needs a good clean from all the dust but looks ace!

Needs a good clean from all the dust but looks ace!

It’s totally transformed the room and given it a real warmth that beautifully offsets the grey of the cupboards and the walls.

(Notice our newly fitted skirting.  Painted in Farrow and Ball All White estate eggshell, by our own fair hands)

Was it expensive? Yep, ‘fraid so – especially as we needed 40 square metres of the stuff. But here’s hoping the durability is as good as it says it is but we’re pretty certain it’ll look even better in years to come once it’s picked up a few more knocks and scrapes. Just like wood is intended to look.

So, our floor has, quite literally, given us the wood we’ve always wanted.


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