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The cat tunnel

Any cat owner knows that the cat rules the house. We are, unfortunately, no different and a constant conversation as soon as we had put the offer in was what to do about The Humph.


Our master

There were two issues for consideration.

1) In our previous house he had a cat flap in the back door and so was very used to, and loved, freedom. It also meant that when we go away for a couple of nights he is entirely independent – with the aid of an automatic pet feeder. So, no debate, we needed to install a cat flap.

2) He has to be confined at night. He is an almighty pain in the arse in the middle of the night – if he can get to your bedroom door he will bang, pluck and whine until you give in. He then either wants food or fuss, usually both. In our previous house we would just shut the lounge door and he’d be confined downstairs, free to come and go through the back door flap. Yet in this house the back door is in the hallway.

So, a flap in the back door was never really an option unless we were to build a Humph Gate to stop him getting up the stairs (we did actually consider this for all of 10 seconds). Also, cat flaps really aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing so we weren’t keen on it in the hallway.

That’s when we started googling ‘cat flap through a wall’ and found out that it could indeed be done. The kitchen – that will become the utility room – was decided upon and so we paid the handsome fee of £150 to do this:

His very own escape tunnel

It’s the ‘small dog, big cat’ flap. We haven’t told him so he can’t get body image issues.

Of course, as we are learning, this house is never straight-forward and there were inevitably electric wires running through the wall that needed diverting – hence the high price tag for the work.

The site of the tunnel also meant he popped out the other side into a drain so our friendly builder constructed a step with random stuff he found in the garden.

Cat tunnel and step

A small step for man, a giant step for The Humph

The cat tunnel

Thinking about it – when not distracted by the very old floor tiles

Will he fit?

Will he fit?



So, all is well once more as he has his freedom. A friend commented that we were crazy to spend this money and were we not concerned it will affect the future house price because now there is a hole in the back wall. Yeah, she doesn’t have a cat.

At least we didn’t pay for this:



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