Back bedroom

The second smallest bedroom at the back of the house used to be a little girl’s room:


Original estate agent listing pic

And even with all the trappings of childhood replaced with unpacked boxes and a bear, it still feels pretty girly. Might be something to do with the pink?!


Boo-Boo, the resident bear, looks on disdainfully


Yet another plasting moulding runs around the room

Have you spotted the best feature of this room? The small original Edwardian cast iron fireplace is a joy, but we are more often distracted by the plaster moulding above. Yep, look carefully, it’s been stuck on at a slight angle. As with all mouldings in this house, it’ll soon be ripped off!


The crooked moulding amusingly disconcerts house guests who think they may have had one too many….or not enough, depending on the guest

As this room is at the back of the house it’s nice and peaceful for guests so it will become the main guest bedroom. It’s not the smallest bedroom (currently used as a study/store room) but it’s a nice cozy size for a spare.

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