Once we decided to fast-forward our bathroom plans so we have a nice environment to bath our baby one thing was blindingly obvious, we had to keep it cheap. Which meant I had to abandon crazy ideas and opt for simple and affordable.

Happily, we found a good compromise and are very pleased with how it’s turned out. Here’s the before if you’d like to see.


We bought this beautiful shell on a trip to Sarasota, Florida as a present for my mum. This is its natural colour; it’s just been glazed. When we lost mum we claimed the shell back(!) and used this as the starting point for our bathroom design.

The choice was to use this colour on the walls with white tiles or to go with coloured tiles and white paint. We went with the latter after I found fab tiles at a great price from Walls and Floors.

So, please remember this is a bathroom for guests but mainly for our baby girl. And, with that in mind, let our light pull, Nigel the pelican, introduce you to the finished space:






The entrance to the vast loft is in the bathroom, which you can see in this shot.

You’ll have noticed our silly shower curtain:


Yes, yes, it needs an iron – just couldn’t be bothered, it’ll drop out soon enough!

You’ll note this is, purposefully, a very unstyled room –  we ain’t trying to win any design awards!



And, look, already, baby toys given by kind friends are sneaking their way in:


I’m loving the turtle bath thermometer (a present from Oly’s bro) and the Cowshed bath book. And, in the other corner we have the sea squirts that I’ve resisted taking to the en suite with me!


We particularly love the bouncy Nigel that we picked up at a baby show. We have many happy memories of watching the pelicans (the Nigels) when on holiday in Florida and Mexico so he’s the perfect addition. Now, he’s just hanging around making us smile every day.


I’m glad to say we stayed within budget on this job and are very pleased with it, although the credit card was less impressed. It feels so much lighter and brighter and somewhere we’ll be happy to spend time.

What d’ya reckon? Not bad for a quick, cheapish makeover?

12 responses to “Bathroom

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  2. infinitequery

    Define Cheap? Looks great and I wonder what the cost of the tile and did you have it installed?

  3. LOVE the color!!! If you’ve read my latest post, I can tell it was professionally installed because it’s so perfect! 😉

  4. It looks wonderful. So clean and new.

  5. Kate

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while as we’ve been doing our house up at the same time and it’s been a really interesting read, so thank you!

    My next project to focus on is the ensuite in our guest bedroom and those wall tiles look perfect! Could you tell me which ones on the Walls and Floors website they are please?

    • Thanks for the comment, it’s nice to know the blog is helpful! The tiles are called Leaf Gloss. You can order samples from the site which are full-size and really helpful. They have a lot of nice Metro ones but these were the ones we settled on. Also, if you have a look at their Twitter feed there are frequently good discount codes – we benefitted from one anyway. Good luck with your house!

  6. Jo

    Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely stunning. It could take on any style. Jo @ Let’s Face the Muisc

  7. I like it. You’ll always be glad you tackled this pre-Panda (probably every single bathtime!). Love the tile colour and the baby toys make it fun (and realistic!). Now you just need a decanter for your baby powder a la the utility room.

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