Utility room

I know, I know. We’re lucky. a) we have a utility room and b) it looks like this!!

Matthew Williamson sunbird wallpaper and Farrow and Ball Pelt

The utility room was the kitchen – but then the old utility was knocked through to become the kitchen diner so this became the utility. Keeping up?! It’s an incredible decent space (12 x 12.5 feet) so loads of room not only for the boiler, a drying rail and cleaning clobber but also winter coats, walking boots, cat stuff etc. And cat. This room is home to the infamous cat tunnel.

And now Humphrey has his own little sleepy corner (which he bluntly refused to model):


Please ignore the silver freezer, if I had my way we would have upgraded to a white one but we were Being Sensible With Money (yawn). And the coppery lizard was my 30th birthday present from my mum, I bought him with holiday money she gave me on the day we visited the incredible Joshua Tree National Park. Yes, he’s called Joshua.

Anyway, I digress. If you’d like to see how we reached the choices in this room, then check out this post. But in brief, what you’re looking at is:

  • Paint: Pelt by Farrow and Ball
  • Wallpaper: Sunbird by Matthew Williamson
  • Cabinets: Ikea
  • Handles: Etsy
  • Lights: Plumen
  • Appliances: Samsung Ecobubble from the very lovely people at Appliances Online and Samsung.

A whole heap of damn gorgeousness, right?!

Samsung ecobubble washing machine and dryer

The cat tunnel is just to the right of my sexy Samsung ecobubble machines!

Matthew Williamson sunbird wallpaper

Plumen copper


In case you’re wondering why the ceiling is the same colour as the walls…..two reasons.

Firstly, it was a look I always wanted to try, being very popular amongst them there London interior design guru types. It was safe to try it in a room we wouldn’t actually live in – just in case we hated it. Oly took a little persuading but the second reason was a winner: we couldn’t be arsed to cut in the paint at the ceiling line with white. This made it such an easy job for a pair of lazy amateurs! And actually, we love it.

Farrow and Ball Pelt paint

The Elephant’s head comes off so you can add a tea light and he was handmade in a village in India. Like many things, he was a gift from my mum. And he has a name. Terry…..short for Terry Cotta. Obviously.

Have you noticed how incredibly well styled these pics are? And such great quality? (I bet you can spot the one I took in the load above!) Not my usual style you’re thinking? Nope, you’re right – the work of the lovely Kimberly from Swoonworthy in her day job as Editor of AO at Home when she popped in for tea, cake and some piccies.

Matthew Williamson sunbird wallpaper and Farrow and Ball Pelt

Did you really think I kept my washing powder and pegs in dainty glass jars?! The copper jug however is all mine, I happily won it at an auction. It’s Sankey and is circa 1910. Kind of fitting, huh?

Anyway, that’s the utility room. Much as I hate household chores I may spend slightly more time in this room. Maybe.

17 responses to “Utility room

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  2. This is the most fabulous utility room I’ve ever seen! I wish I had so much space, and I wish I could paint something “Pelt” just so I could tell people the name. Congratulations on being featured in AO at Home and your sexy laundry pair! (Haven’t seen a pic of dear Humph for a while … just sayin’.)

  3. Well this is just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in AGES.
    I absolutely love the painted ceiling and wish I’d done this in our bedroom because the crease between wall and ceiling is SO uneven with it being an old house that is just looks monstrous!!
    It really is gorgeous. Well done 🙂
    Karen x

    • It is a ridiculously beautiful room, for a utility room!! It pleases me so much each time we walk past. We love the painted ceiling more than we thought we would – and it really is a great option for lazy painters or wobbly edges. It’s the only room in the house without cornicing so seemed like an obvious choice to give it a go! x

  4. Jay

    It looks wonderful, that wallpaper is to die for! You’ve done a great job!

  5. I love the painted ceiling. It looks way better than a white one would, even if it was easier.

  6. Love the ‘pelt’ and the paper – real classy. Might have to steal the lights…just what we’ve been looking for!!

    • Steal away!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. One great thing is that they are instantly very light, unlike a lot of energy savers! I found the cheapest place for both the bulbs and fittings was Amazon.

  7. Jo

    A destination utility room. Is there a comfy chair? I would just sit and watch the dryer go round in this gorgeous setting. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  8. Spectacular. I’ll have to hide the iPad so that our utility room doesn’t see it. I adore the wallpaper and paint (and yes, I believed the peg jar scenario).

  9. That is one seriously sexy utility room. You were right – I am drooling. The wallpaper is stunning – love a bird me! The paint is delicious, and the drawer pulls…. Already been eyeing up those bad-boys myself. I think I’m suffering with utility room envy. And how fabulous you’ve been featured on the AO blog. I just love Kimberly’s blog too!! I’m gonna go back for one more look ; ) x

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