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We have some very close friends who inspired our smallest room, years ago, before we even knew this house existed.

They live in an absolutely fabulous pad in Hackney (oh, the times we have lusted over their high ceilings!) and their Disco Loo never fails to make us smile. It has glass mosaic tiles on the floor and a funky paint choice (deep purple).

We always vowed that one day we too would have a Disco Loo. And so it was no surprise it was the very first thing we completed.

Yes, this is an Edwardian House and we are trying to restore it sympathetically, and yes, this is not in keeping. We know it is not in some people’s taste and have already had comments as such.

But we don’t care – it’s silly and it makes us happy. The ultimate aim will be to frame a variety of  funny cards, photos and momentos to the cover the walls and to give you something to look at when you are, ahem, otherwise engaged.

Now, this is the one room we never took any ‘before’ photos of and there were, unsurprisingly, none in the estate agent listings. It was pretty depressing – a symphony of green. Dark green tiles half way up the walls, green wallpaper and green frilly curtains. A flouncy basin (too big to fully open the door) and a pretty old, nasty toilet.

Why didn’t we take photos before the work started? Because we neglected to take any photos before we had our Mexican Fiesta housewarming party. Why couldn’t we take photos after our party? Well…….

El Bano de Banksy

El Bano de Banksy

We thought it would be fun to allow our friends to draw all over the wall, given we were going to strip all the paper off anyway. What do you think happens when you give Tequila-fuelled adults felt-tip pens, a wall and free reign? Yep, phalli. That’s phallus in the plural. Everywhere. A cock-load of them in fact (I counted 37), alongside every swear word known to man. Here’s the only photographable doodlings that weren’t surrounded by body parts:

I’d like to add that our friends are clever, intelligent people with responsible jobs – they just clearly like to draw rudies on wallpaper. Still, it kept us greatly amused for many weeks until it needed taking down before a family visit……

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, the lack of  ‘before’ pics. Here’s a ‘during’ instead:


We kept the plumbing in the same place and also reused the existing boxing (just glossed it), to save costs. And here’s the end result:

There was never any doubt we would have an actual disco ball!

There was never any doubt we would have an actual disco ball!

The wall colour is Dulux Proud Peacock - needed 3 coats but looks great!

The wall colour is Dulux Proud Peacock – needed 3 coats but looks great!

Ebay bargain floor tiles!

Ebay bargain floor tiles!

We were told we should aim for 8mm glass tiles as they were being used on the floor. We struggled to find reasonably priced ones that we liked in the shops so turned to t’interweb and Google led us to an Ebay seller who sent out a sample and we were immediately sold! These beauties came in much cheaper than any we had seen and the quality is superb. We dithered on the grout colour but finally opted for light grey – looks good and much more forgiving for a floor.

We went with white grout around the basin, which is from Victoria Plumb

The Disco Loo - making us smile every day!

The Disco Loo – making us smile every day!

Now, She would like the following to play every time someone turns the light on, but He says the disco ball was quite enough……

Edited to add:

We’ve now completed a gallery wall in the Disco Loo!

14 responses to “Disco Loo

  1. Elle

    Looks amazing, love the ‘proud peacock’. We have ‘polished pebble’ in our kitchen, think Sam chose that so he could make poo jokes!

  2. I just saw your link at Apartment Therapy. I love the disco ball in the bathroom. You can never have too much sparkle, I say.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh I totally say add the music!!!!!!!!! ( is that enough exclamation points?!!) AND your floor is STUNNING!!

  4. Oh I say totally add the music!!!!!!!! (is that enough exclamation points?!!) AND the floor is STUNNING!

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  6. The tiles and the peacock blue are just gorgeous! Small bathrooms are a great place to get creative (referring to design, of course). I love your gallery wall–made me laugh and cry, and I’ve never even met you! Humph did a great job laying it all out.

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  8. Sarah

    Definitely add the music!!!!!!!!!! Get the party started!!! I came to you through The Victoria Elizabeth Barned Blog, she of the disco ball Christmas!!!

  9. I’m dying to add my mirror ball to my new bathroom but the boy thinks it’s lunacy- thanks for justifying to me that i’m not completely insane! x

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