We’ve never been fans of red/orange colour schemes and this really is a lesson in how to overdo it and then throw a schematic spanner in the works with the blue feature fireplace.


The original estate agent picture

There are some ‘interesting’ features, such as the plaster mouldings in the wall complete with, I kid you not, underlighting.


Our very own shrines

We’ve considered adding a photo of each us to create little shrines. Visitors can light candles and leave gifts and we can compete on that basis for popularity. She is pretty sure she’d kick His ass.

However, there are some massive plus points to this room, in particular the original cornicing and the huge windows that stream in light.


Looking out onto the front garden

There is also already a false wall, backing on to the existing utility room, presenting the perfect opportunity to knock through. Kirsty Allsopp would be proud.


RSJ already in place – hammer at the ready…..

The resin fireplace, alas, has nothing pretty and original behind it. So it will be ripped out and the chimney breast flattened.


Bye-bye ugly fire

And the vine plaster moulding will also be gladly removed and consigned to the skip:


Ah, the ancient Greeks would have surely approved?

So, this will become our kitchen diner. It’s hard to imagine as you stand in the room as it currently is but, in time, it will all hopefully fall together.

Do you have any comments?

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