The last post

calendarToday is the due date for the birth of our little’un. There’s absolutely no sign of her being ready for her grand appearance but it seems like a fitting day to close this blog.

So, why close? Essentially, because the house is done! Woohoo! Of course, there will always be ongoing improvements/updates but the major renovation is complete.

I never started this blog with any intention other than to share our journey. It’s taken slightly different directions at times (sometimes the writing has been cathartic) and has certainly been more successful than I would ever have expected.

When I look at the blog stats (which is rare) I’m amazed by the thousands of monthly visitors but also how and why they found the blog – it’s mostly around specific paint colours, colour schemes, Edwardian properties or practical things like varnishing a waxed table or restoring a fireplace.

So I love the fact that, in some small way, I’ve given something back to the online community having relied on it so heavily during our renovations. Too worthy? Yeah, maybe. But for this reason I’ll be leaving the site live, so people can continue to find it – but I won’t be updating.

pandaOur lives are about to change immeasurably – well, they have already been changing over the last 9months and our priorities have quickly shifted.

Despite the best support from the best husband in the world, I can’t pretend pregnancy has been easy. It’s been physically very challenging as I’ve been a bit unlucky with the hand Mother Nature dealt me but I’ve tried my best to just crack on with it and remember there’s always somebody worse off.

Emotionally however has been a different story, I’ve been dealing with things that have broken my spirit. But, that’s not for here.

The positives are that it’s refocused our thinking around what’s important. Our daughter will grow up cocooned in our love, protected from anything that may be going on around her. All our efforts will be focused here.

I therefore have no intention of becoming a mummy blogger (it’s been suggested plenty of times!). It’s by no means a criticism of those that do, I admire them greatly and will no doubt be scouring their blogs for advice, but it’s not for me.

Friends gave us this lovely print for Christmas:

family poster

Apologies for the poor quality photo – I’ve also blurred our surname – but you get the general idea.

I adore the fact that Humph has been included in our new family unit (though he’s a touch on the skinny side!) But this picture is what we will be concentrating on, and only this. There’s no place for a blog in here!

So, it’s the end of 1910housetohome. Thank you to everyone who has read, lurked, commented, provided advice, inspiration and encouragement. I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey.

Ultimately, this blog was – as the title suggests – about turning ‘just’ a house into a home. Some time in the next couple of weeks when our baby is carried across the threshold, that’s when we’ve really achieved our goal.

meThanks for reading, may the future be kind to you.

Over and out,

Jude x


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17 responses to “The last post

  1. I wish you good luck in your new ventures and great success as a mother. Your blog will be missed, but I support your decision to focus on your family. I’m also glad that Humph was included with the family, but I think that he looks too much like a dog in that image!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh this makes me sad. But good luck with your exciting new future. It will be wonderful and thanks for the blog. Victoria x

  3. I will miss you! But I understand you’ll have much more important things to do than blog. I think you were my first international follower–what a distinction! 🙂 You guys have created a gorgeous home with truly unique style, and you should be very proud. I wish you all the best with your little girl. Please give Humph a kiss from me. xo –D’Arcy

  4. Good luck and thank you for sharing your thoughts during the renovation of your home. Enjoy parenthood another exceptional journey.

  5. Jude, although I wasn’t following your blog right from the off, I have read your blog from the beginning. I’ve gradually caught up with your posts, always eagarly waiting for the next installment – and what wonderful reading each post has made too! At times when I’m feeling frustrated with the slow progress we sometimes endure throughout our renovation, your blog has served as a reminder of the finished product! It’s given me faith and I want to thank you for that. I wish you and your family the very best for the future. I’m sure that your next chapter, the final piece, really is going to make your house the home you’ve worked so hard for it to be. Nadine x

    • Thanks Nadine, what a beautiful thing to read. Just to know we’ve helped in some small way is really lovely. Keep the faith, the pride you will feel is immense. And remember, things always look so much worse before they look better and never ever cut corners – it’s worth it in the long run… it properly, once!!! Stay sane and good luck!! x

  6. Anna

    Hi Jude, I came across your blog pretty recently and spent a good many hours of my Christmas break going through all your ‘Before’s and ‘After’s! You have amazing taste, and you write beautifully, with honesty and heart. I am sure you and your family will enjoy many years of love and happiness in that gorgeous home you’ve built for yourselves. xx

    • Thanks Anna, that’s lovely to hear! I’m glad to have given you some Christmas reading! This is indeed now the perfect family home; what a lucky little girl she’ll be to grow up here! Thanks again. x

  7. Ohhh, So sad and happy at the same time! I’ve really enjoyed following along your restoration adventures and will definitely miss reading and seeing your gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your newest adventure. Couldn’t be happier for you!

    • Awwwww, shucks! Thanks for all the support and nice comments. If you’re ever in Leeds you’re always so welcome to come for a house tour! Good luck with your continuing and amazing renovation, I’ll try and keep up with it when my little lady allows! X

  8. Totally understand your reasons for stopping but I will miss the updates. I found your blog last year when we bought a house which needs lots of work. I have enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning and looked forward to the next post. I think your house is beautiful and I’m sure you and your growing family will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed reading your progress. All the best x

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