Bathroom reveal

We’re very lucky to have an incredible En Suite and so we rarely used the house bathroom – it was used only by guests so we generally shut the door on it and pretended it wasn’t there.

Here it is as it was when we moved in:



It’s little-use meant we didn’t prioritise it – just gave it a lick of white paint – and were going to save up and get it done next year. I was planning a luxurious ‘spa’ feel for our guests.

And then we found out we were expecting and we saw it in a very different light….and we knew we would never get round to doing it next year. But would you want to bathe your baby in here each day? The only unfinished room in the house! The wooden panels were skanky and scratched, the fixtures old and tired and the artex as depressing as all that dark wood work that had plagued the entire house.

So, we fast forwarded the plans with our little’un in mind. Maybe not the most sensible financial decision but one we felt we needed to make. Head over to the ‘after’ page to see how it turned out.

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