It’s a girl, but the nursery ain’t pink

It’s been a while since I posted – apologies, but I’m busy being preggers dont’cha know!

There’s still stuff I want to show you from our home and I promise to do it in the coming weeks – including the reveal of our amazing over-the-top utility room. But for now, how’s this for a different type of reveal. A gender reveal.

Apparently gender reveal parties are all the rage Stateside and, never one to pass by an opportunity for a party that features cake, we held our own. A small select gathering assembled to scoff the cakes – made by my own fair hand. Boy predictors took the  blue cakes and girl predictors took the pink….thankfully, we had an even split of opinion.

Baby gender cakes

We then ceremoniously bit into the cakes to reveal the  pink cream and the secret was out! It was a lot of fun and there was much squealing. Well, as much as possible with mouthfuls of cake.

baby gender reveal cupcake

We’re over the moon to be having a daughter and very shocked, given Oly’s family history is all male for several generations (and apparently its the male genes that decide). So, she’s the one who broke the mould – I suspect that may become a recurring theme in her life!

It also feels kind of fitting for me to have a daughter, linking the bond I had with my beloved mum – and, in recognition of this, her middle name will be Mary, which was my mum’s name. We do have a first name in mind but, for now, she is Tiny T (T being the first letter of our surname).

And I’m pleased(?!) to report she’s a stubborn little so-and-so. Two recent scans have both required long breaks, jumping around, cola drinking and much prodding to get the little bugger to turn around. The sonographer also got particularly excited by this shot:


She’s apparently picking her nose. That’s my girl!!

So, anyway, now we know the flavour of our baby it’s easier to plan other things as well as bond with her instead of referring to ‘it’.

But no, the nursery will not now be pink. Nope. No chance. We’re really not into that. Pink is a tricky colour – there’s so many lovely shades of it and yet so many awful candy, sugary, bleurrghh shades. We’ve painted it one of our favourite neutrals instead – Cornforth White – the same as our kitchen diner walls.

I’m proud to say I did much of the painting of the nursery though my back suffered a bit the next day. But as F&B paint is water based I didn’t need to worry about toxic fumes so had no excuse really! I keep telling Oly ‘I’m pregnant, not ill’. He, inevitably, uses this phrase against me!

White nursery furniture (if we can ever find any at a decent price) will look great against this shade along with bright colourful accessories so we’re very happy with it. There’s currently no curtains and a scrutty old carpet – so I’ll share pics when there’s more to see.

Of course, we’re well aware that a future decision to paint it candy pink may not be our choice….!


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7 responses to “It’s a girl, but the nursery ain’t pink

  1. Congratulations! It is so exciting to know the sex, and I think that it would be a lot of fun to plan the room. Enjoy this time of your life to the fullest.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh what lovely news and kids room renovations are the most fun as they grow up!!! Xxx

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! Pink is like the best “flavor” ever!!! Everything pink is delicious! … Pink frillies, pink little toes… pink, pink, pink! Congratulations on your pink! XX!
    So glad you’re not doing a pink nursery…Can’t wait to see the room when you’re done!

  4. Tiny T is sure to have one of the most stylin’ nurseries in the land! Can’t wait for that reveal. Your gender-reveal party idea was cute!

  5. Jay

    A baby girl, how wonderful! My mother in law had 10 grandsons when our daughter came along, a surprise to us all we thought we’d have another boy! My doctor always said that pregnancy was a state of health not a state of ill health. Looking forward to your house reveals…..

  6. I don’t know if it’s because I’m horrendously hormonal or the fact that it’s just so sweet, but I just full-on welled up at work reading about having Mary as your baby’s middle name. This is lovely and I bet your mum would be thrilled 🙂
    Well done on the painting! As you know, we feel the same about pink, but there are so many other ways to bring a bit of girly flair to a nursery without it being a candy kingdom on the walls. Can’t wait to see how you choose to do it! xx

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