Master bedroom reveal

For our master bedroom we have turned to the dark side. We dithered about it for a long time but finally bit the bullet and can’t imagine it any other way now.

Here’s how we looked before:


Bland colours and hideous artex

And now:

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue bedroom

Dramatic boudoir loveliness!

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue bedroom with cabbage White ceiling colour

Light pours in from the massive windows

We know this won’t be to everybody’s taste but – like most things – we don’t care. We absolutely adore it and knew this room could carry it off. The colour is Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue – in strong daylight quite a true dark blue and at night a dark dark petrol blue verging on black in dark corners.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue bedroom

Sunburst mirror was an Ebay bargain

Woodwork is in All White for a crisp contrast – same as the cornicing and ceiling rooms.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue

Door to ensuite

As with everywhere else in the house we wanted to maintain a focus on the original cornicing and feared we would ‘lose’ it if it was also white – so we went with Cabbage White on the ceiling. It’s enough of a contrast with the cornicing without being ‘wow, your ceiling is blue’.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue Cabbage White ceiling

Light fitting is from Laura Ashley

We agonised over wardrobes and drawers and for a long time thought we’d go with white/ivory furniture. But we realised there would be too much of it and therefore too stark a contrast with the paint.

Barker and Stonehouse furniture

Barker and Stonehouse furniture

Dark wood  – like mahogany – wouldn’t work and we were struggling to find antiques we liked and that would, importantly, fit in the alcoves. And then we found this wonderful warm mango wood, beautifully built and a perfect fit.  (As we ended our long furniture search Oly informed the rather embarrassed saleswoman at Barker and Stonehouse that he had “stroked a lot of wood”.)

Curtains and pole are from the wonderful folks at David James Interiors in Leeds and are such amazing quality they give the room a boutique hotel feel!

Curtains open

Curtains open

Floor length curtains would have been even more dramatic but practicality won out given the positioning of the radiators, which we weren’t really up for moving!

Curtains closed

Curtains closed

And as for the headboard, what can I say? I fell in love with this fabric (Sanderson swallows) when we first started looking for curtains/blinds – albeit in a different colourway. I couldn’t find the right place for it in the house and then suddenly realised it could take a starring role as our headboard – in lime.

Sanderson swallows headboard

Sanderson swallows headboard

Oly was (gently) persuaded this may have been my best idea yet. And it meant we didn’t need to agonise over artwork choice for above the bed.  Ain’t she a stunner?


No, I don’t iron my bedding. Don’t judge me, it’s super king – gimme a break! And, yes, we need new bedding.

We’ve tried not to clutter the room (quite a feat for me) and also tried not to over style it; it’s a practical, liveable space after all. You’ll notice the total lack of dressing on the bed…..Oly point blank refuses to have cushions/throws etc. I gave up the fight – as I was quite happy once I got my headboard!

Bedside touch lamps are from John Lewis

Bedside touch lamps are from John Lewis

Now, to some of the objects. The dressing table tray was my mum’s, she always kept her hairbrushes on it:

Mitsouko was one of mum's favourites, I'm eeking it out...

Mitsouko was one of mum’s favourites, I’m eeking it out…

And the brass candle stick holder was hers as a child, back when you actually went to bed with a candle.

I love the build up of wax from over the years

I love the build up of wax from over the years

I gave Winne the Pooh to my mum years ago, so he came back to us and went into an antique frame.

Sad, why should I be sad?

Sad, why should I be sad?

Below it the wire art is from Etsy. Since the early days of Oly and I whenever he said ‘I love you’ my retort was always ‘Forever?’. Turns out it is.

The brass knocker was….yep, you guessed it, my mum’s! Most of our interesting objects came from her! She always had this on her bedroom door and it now lives on the door to our ensuite.

Knock knock

Knock knock

It contains the Isle of Man’s motto which translates  as “whichever way you throw me, I will stand.”

Quocunque Jeceris Stabit

Quocunque Jeceris Stabit

We have absolutely no connection to the Isle of Man but mum had to learn to be incredibly resilient, so she bought this for herself and took the motto also.

Here’s some more details from around the room:

We adore this room, we love it in the day and then feel totally cocooned in it at night.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue bedroom

The dark walls help make a large, tall room feel cosy at night

Night night

Night night

So, be honest, what do you think? Is this for you or would you hate living with the darkness?


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19 responses to “Master bedroom reveal

  1. What a transformation! I love it! It has a realy cozy and comforting feel without beeing to dark or depressing at all.
    PS. You’ve definitely convinced us about painting our dining room a dark colour!

  2. Claire

    I love it, I would be very happy to sleep in here!

    I am with your husband re the cushions on the bed nice for a hotel room but I think they would just live on the floor when we couldn’t be bothered to put them back on every morning. I always have a throw at the end of my bed and plump up them pillows.

  3. judy

    Logically-how could anyone object to darkness in a bedroom? I don’t know if my response to light while sleeping is atypical, but if any light goes on anywhere in my vicinity I am awake, or tossing and turning, for the rest of the night. So I am going to paint our bedroom this color as soon as I can buy the paint. Thanks-excellent post and beautiful room.

  4. Christina

    Wonderful, what a statement bedroom! Have you thought about adding statement period architrave and skirting? Have a look at they would look wonderful in your home 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous, dramatic color! It works because you have those big beautiful windows. I love the pale blue ceiling. I have been using a pale gray on mine, and I like that they are subtly not white. The lime headboard is a great contrast, too. A very classy room!

  6. Ahhh I love the colour you chose! It’s stunning with the touches of gold (especially that gorgeous starburst!) and yes, of course you know I do love a darkly-hued bedroom 😉 It really just cosies everything up and makes you feel like you are in a cocoon, no? I have the same ‘Bonjour’ print as well 😉 My only suggestion is to paint out your radiators in the same colour – you just need to make sure they are either already painted or if not, prime them and then slap on some metal paint in the same colour, they will totally disappear then against that wall and your windows will be the star 😉 xxx

    • I thought you’d like the starburst and the bits of gold!! The radiator suggestion is genius, hadn’t even thought of it as radiators were off when we painted. D’ya know, you’re kind of good at this interiors stuff. 😉

  7. I very much love the color you painted your bedroom! I am also going much darker in my master than I expected, but I’m nowhere near the ‘reveal’ stage yet! But yes – beautiful work, your house is coming together so nicely! Also, great photography – I get a real sense of the room, especially the details! Keep up the great work 🙂

  8. simplythenest

    Love the dark colour, and all the family heirlooms, especially the candlestick. We’re in the process of doing the opposite and transforming our dark red cave of a bedroom to a white oasis. I really should go and get cracking with the painting instead of sitting on the sofa perusing blogs!

  9. Breathtakingly stunning! But you knew I’d say that right!? It’s the exact colour I’m going for in the lounge, with bronzey/gold metallics. The mirror is also something I’ve been eyeing up too! Love the headboard, perfect contrast to the walls. I definitely agree with painting the radiators the same colour – a tip I picked up from Abigail Ahern’s blog. I think she’d be impressed with this room. Decor is so much more interesting on the dark side! Love it!! Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! Xx

  10. I think that dark colour schemes are good for a master bedroom mostly because this is a place to take a rest and sleep. So the “dark side”, as you call it, is making the room more calm. However, I don’t think dark paint is a good idea for the living room or the kids bedroom.

  11. Simply beautiful! Not only is the colour GORGE (and I bet lovely and dark at night) but the decorations are just super nice. Love it 🙂 x

  12. Love the blue and gold, good for you going to the ‘dark side’ – it sure works.

  13. Jay

    I just found your blog from a comment you left on SwoonWorthy. I love your bedroom, the petrol blue is a stunning colour and I think your choice of furniture is perfect. We’ve renovated and extended our house over a long period of time (life and children got in the way!) but are going round the house re-doing things for a 2nd time now!

  14. Just stumbled across your blog while trying to Google for my own one I’d forgotten the address of (I know!) We’re just starting on a similar journey, just chosen very similar Farrow & Ball dark blue for our double fronted bedroom & it’s nice to find like-minded people a step ahead and house looking fabulous! (We’re also full-time working in 30s doing an edwardian terrace renovation “on the edges of life”!)

  15. Rachel

    Hi I found your blog when googling hague blue! We are considering this for our bedroom ( was all set on elephants breath and then saw this colour) also Edwardian house. The bedroom is south facing and I love the colour but worry it will look too dark in the day. How do you find the colour in the day?

    • Oh, I’m glad you found us. I found Google soooooo useful for making decisions so am glad we can give something back!

      Our bedroom is West facing and we have massive windows (but assume you do too?) so light is not a problem. I generally find the colour (somewhat surprisingly) quite a true navy blue in daylight, it’s in artificial or evening light that it takes on more of its petrol blue. If that makes any sense at all??!

      We absolutely adore the colour however our Elephant’s Breath room is also one of my favourites – if you’ve not yet seen it, see Back Bedroom on our blog. It’s a totally different feel from our Hague room but so peaceful and beautiful.

      The choice of which to use maybe comes down to your furniture, accessories, artwork etc. Good luck deciding!!

  16. Helen

    Absolutely love it. Looks so cosy but also classy and expensive!!! 🤗

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