As if we were ever going to have a boring utility room…

Apologies for such a long radio silence, it’s not been a good few weeks due to never-ending lurgy and the sad loss of a good friend, so blogging has slipped down the list of priorities. But, hello – how are you doing?

I haven’t forgotten I promised more info on items in the sitting room or that I still have room reveals to do. They will come eventually, I promise.

Meanwhile we have been turning our attention – amongst other things – to what will be the utility room. It was the old kitchen:

Old Kitchen

It is now currently a dumping ground that is too disgraceful right now to share pics of. It’s a pretty good size for a utility room and, honestly, we’ve struggled a bit with ideas of what to do with it. Home gym? Bar? Games room? Sauna? But in the end, what we want and need is a utility room/storage so that’s what it shall be. It is also where The Humph will reside at night and is home to the cat tunnel.

But who said utility rooms have to be dull? Admittedly we need to keep the costs down so are turning to good old Ikea for plain white units and worktops and we’ve also selected a wood effect laminate instead of real wood floor. That’s allowed me to squeeze the budget enough to go slightly crazy with other things!

So, how about Farrow and Ball’s Pelt for a wall paint colour – a deliciously dark purple which will look great contrasted with the white units, no?

Farrow and Ball Pelt

Farrow and Ball Pelt

And the feature wall (yes, that’s right, our utility room will have a feature wall, obviously) will be this stunning beauty which is SunBird by Matthew Williamson. We only need a couple of rolls, so totally justifiable, right?

Matthew Williamson Sunbird wallpaper

Matthew Williamson Sunbird wallpaper – stunning copper background

Whilst I’ve reluctantly accepted we will just have plain white Ikea units (and Oly even won the common sense/financial argument against high gloss) we did want something a little more ‘us’ than an Ikea handle so I finally found these bad boys:

Chinese style handles

Chinese style handles

And all that coppery brassy goodness is just crying out for light fittings that I’ve been eyeing up for a long time and am delighted to finally find a home for. Hello Plumen gorgeousness!

Plumen Drop Cap in Copper

Plumen Drop Cap in Copper

And to top off all this excitement, we’re getting a new stunning top-of-the range washing machine and dryer from my new and totally bestest friends at Samsung. Who knew a washing machine could be sexy? But yeah, I know, isn’t it? And it has it’s own app. Yep.

Samsung ecobubble washing machine

Samsung ecobubble washing machine

So, we’re off to Ikea tomorrow to order the units and our favourite tradesman is due to start in a couple of weeks. We have until then to sort all the crap, decant and paint the walls.

Do you like our choices? Too crazy for a utility room – or would you expect nothing less?!


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13 responses to “As if we were ever going to have a boring utility room…

  1. Your choices are spectacular. I love the purple birds in the wallpaper, the handles and the light fixture. It is going to be too beautiful for a utility room.

    I am sorry about the loss of your friend.

  2. I’m sure it will make clothes washing so much more enjoyable!

  3. Those lamps–OMG!! And the door pulls!! If I weren’t so far away, I’d come do my wash at your house!

  4. Jo

    Love your choices. If there were someplace to sit (or lie down) I could live in there. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  5. I love your choices! We don’t always enjoy the work in the utility room but at least you should be able to enjoy the room! :0) If you MUST spend time in there, why not be visually pleasing… excited to see the finished room!
    Have a great weekend!

    There is nothing I don’t like on this post 🙂 I cannot wait to see it all in action xx

  7. So sorry for the loss of your friend. Your choices for the room are beautiful!

  8. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! x

  9. pebbledashedpad

    Oh my god, what kind of gorgeous utility room will this be?! I’d live there….

  10. housenumber59

    I love your choices, you always pic such great colour schemes. I think a utility room is a great space that you can afford to get a bit crazy with!

    C x

  11. Ack!! It’s gonna be SO GOOD!! Love the handles as well – I have those ones saved on my wish list on eBay but no where to use them (yet, I’ll find somewhere) and that wallpaper is just divine. Can’t wait for this one 😉 xxx

  12. Who said utility rooms can’t be glam!? Cos this one is going to be super swish!!! Love it all!!! And the wallpaper…. My heart was all a flutter when I laid my eyes on that!!! Simply stunning!!! I’m just catching up on your posts and what you’ve been doing. I wanted to read them in order, so I’ve still got two to go!! Can’t wait to see the reveals. Caught a glimpse of the bedroom – you know I’m a sucker for dark blue paint! X

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