Adiós amigos!

Well, we’re escaping this miserable weather and are off to sunny Mexico for a couple of weeks. Woohoo!!

Humph really helped with my packing

Humph really helped with my packing

We’ve felt a bit guilty about this holiday – on and off. Should we have not saved our annual leave and worked less like dogs and missed out on less things last year? Should we really be spending our money on a holiday when we have a boiler and central heating debt to clear and rooms still to renovate? Hell yes, we should! Life is too short for not spending quality time with the one you love. Especially in all-inclusive loveliness.

And, above all, we’ve earned this!! We literally didn’t stop for months; by Christmas we were gibbering wrecks.

When I fished out our mini folder that we always use for travel documents I discovered that even that had plaster skank on it!

Nothing escaped the plasterer.

Nothing escaped the plasterer.

It reminded me just how far we’ve come. How much filth we had lived through and how right we were to have saved up for a holiday. The thought of it kept us sane!

So, I shall have a Mojito for all of you and really do promise to share pics of the rest of our house when we return. Adios amigos!


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2 responses to “Adiós amigos!

  1. Have a wonderful time! You definitely deserve a vacation. I wish Humph could come stay with me while you are away. He looks so warm and cozy cuddled there on your clothes. Plus I think that Creme would fall in love with him. They could be a couple.

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