89 days later

pausebuttonWe realised last night that we haven’t had a day off since August 18th (on which we drove back from a weekend with the inlaws in Shropshire). That’s 89 days ago.

That was the last day when we weren’t either at work (as in, our day jobs) or working on the house or – most often – both.

We ain’t looking for sympathy; no-one put a gun to our heads and made us work so hard. And we know we’re lucky to be in such an incredible house.

My mum would have called us ‘daft apeths’ – one of her favourite phrases. And really, we are. However, this weekend we shall press pause, take a break and hopefully reflect on what we’ve achieved so far.

Oly’s mum and dad (*waves* if they’re reading) are coming up for a couple of nights. Unfortunately, we can’t quite yet accept overnight guests so they’re in a hotel.

But we have vowed to do no work on the house despite the fact only half our furniture is built, we desperately need to go to (the dreaded) Ikea and B&Q, we have painting to do (still!), a much needed tip run, unpacking, repacking, selling, picture hanging, drilling, curtain fixing, stair waxing and so on…….. But no, we shall not. We shall entertain our guests and start it all again next week.

Now, there may be the small matter of an immense amount of cleaning required before allowing guests – let alone family – into the house. That’s Friday night rock n roll for you and it’s all that stands in the way of us and the pause button.

And next week, I promise to blog – at least once. With news that isn’t just about how tired we are. I may even show you some pics……


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3 responses to “89 days later

  1. Good for you! You deserve a break. Have fun with the in laws. 🙂

  2. This is why you get so much more done than we do! We do WAY too much goofing off! Give yourself a break and enjoy!!

  3. The house will be yours forever – and there’s no hurry to chase forever. xx

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