Zombie decorators

So, we’ve kept up with our crazy schedule and this, my friends, is what months of hard slog does to you. You turn into zombie decorators!


Actually, we had a Halloween party invite – terrible timing really given everything we had to do but it was a dear friend’s party that we wouldn’t have missed for the world. However, we had no time to sort costumes so we simply donned our decorating togs (already covered in paint) and added some fake blood. Simple!

A touch of liquid latex and tissue paper to create some pretty funky burns and we were good to go.

Had a great night and were sorry to leave early but we had a massive list the next day to get through.


Sunday’s to-do list

And get through it we did. 24hours work over one weekend and we were ready for carpets!!

That’s where it gets very disappointing.

We were due to have the sitting room, 3 bedrooms, hallways, stairs and landing all done in a day. However, it turns out that some of our carpet is still being manufactured – because it’s 5m width – but the shop just didn’t bother to let us know on Friday when they had found out. Shocking lack of customer service and meant we practically killed ourselves getting ready for it at the weekend for no reason.  We could have stayed at the party!!

So, we have just the 2 spare bedrooms and a bit of the stairs done. We’ve had to postpone furniture deliveries and move furniture back in that we’d shipped out.


This never fails to make us laugh….

Because we tore up the laminate in the sitting room we now have a bare concrete floor. Oh, and we freecyled our old sofa so now have nothing to sit on!

Yesterday we were absolutely fuming; today we’ve calmed down a little bit and just accepted it for what it is. It’s taken the shine off our carpet excitement though and totally messed with our schedule but hey, there we go, all resolvable just not ideal.

Isn’t it horrible being at the mercy of other people?  I guess that’s the joys of renovating.


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8 responses to “Zombie decorators

  1. That sucks you didn’t get all your carpet! I hope the rest of the install goes smoothly. Now, about your list … what does it mean to decant a bedroom? And are the numbers priority order? No wonder you guys get more done than we do–you’re really organized!! 🙂

    • Yep, numbers were the priority, worked out over a coffee in the morning! So, we had to get the gloss on the front door early to dry and had to get to the tip before it closed, hence the ordering! Decanting the bedroom basically meant we took out everything except the bed…..so all our clothes /boxes etc are now currently stacked in the ensuite and bathroom!!

  2. KatieScarlett

    I love Lino Richie, but could you take a marker pen to his van and correct your to you’re please? Signed, A, Pedant PS sorry about the carpet; I hope they’re giving you loads of cash off and a free pedestal mat.

  3. Soo annoying! It’s so difficult to find decent trades people that don’t let you down! I’m sure the wait will be worth it in the end!
    PS. Amazing zombie makeup by the way!

    • It means when you do find a decent and reliable tradesman you’re just so grateful for them. We’ve found a couple of absolute gems, the rest I’d quite like to go at in zombie stylee……!

  4. Lovely zombies. That is why homeowners tend to do more DIY than necessary I think, the fear of loosing control of the process. A text would have been so easy, or an automated email when the change their calendar, just something a bit more 2013 than just not showing up.

    • Exactly! It’s what annoyed us the most. We know that things can go wrong and manufacturers mess the middlemen about but it’s not hard to pass on the info! Would have saved us such a crazy weekend of toil and extra hassle now trying to live around the lack of carpet/furniture etc. Grrrrrr.

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