Hello. We’re idiots!

“The ultimate inspiration is the deadline”

Our day jobs both involve loads of deadlines – it’s got to go to print by X, the CEO wants it by X, the media need it before X. You get the general idea.

So, it’s fair to say a deadline doesn’t really phase us. So why then are our self-imposed house deadlines such a killer? For once, we actually have some control over our deadlines but have continued to make them virtually impossible.

Answer? We’re idiots basically. Total raving, exhausted idiots.

Idiots who think it’s ok to dress as fairytale creatures.

We’re currently fighting to get all our walls painted before the 18th. It was originally the 5th but we realised we had no chance of making it so moved it back. This deadline is the day our heating engineer returns to refit all the radiators and flush and balance the system  – now we are finally rid of all the microbore piping.

So, on the 18th Oct we will have central heating. Woohoo! But it means we’ve decided all the painting had to be done, on the walls at least. Hence the deadline. Makes sense, no?

We’ve also finally got a carpet fit date of the 4th November – so that means we want absolutely all the painting done; every last bit of wood, coving and ceiling rose. We ain’t spending THAT much on carpet to get paint on it – and trust me, I would get paint on it. Oh, and the floors need levelling/mending before the carpeting. There’s another bastard deadline.

Curtain and blind hardware can’t be fitted until the walls are painted; curtains themselves not fitted until the carpets are down (need to get the perfect hang length apparently).

And of course we can’t get furniture delivered until we have carpet and we’re really tired of having no bedroom furniture (“Oly, where are my socks being kept?” “In a bag in the bath, next to the holdall with my pants in it.”) So, yep, we’ve gone and created another deadline.

And all this has been leading towards the biggest deadline that’s been crashing towards us since we started our renovations a few months ago – “WE’LL BE DONE BY CHRISTMAS”.

I repeat: idiots.

Idiots who take it back to the 80s.

We have no spare annual leave so are out to work for 10-12 hours, coming home and picking up our brushes every night as well as putting in 12 hour days on a weekend. We’re on our knees…..quite literally much of the time.

Are we regretting our madness? Nope. Wouldn’t we like to take our time? Nope.

We want our lives back, we want a house we can really live in. I want to know my mum would have been proud. We want to host a family Christmas. We want our friends to come and visit. I want a goddamn manicure.

It does explain why our blog posts have been lacking  – and, oh, I have so much to catch you up on and show you – but needs must, sorry. (I’m only writing this now because we’re waiting for a takeaway….)

So, deadlines? Bring ’em on, because nothing ever feels quite as good as when you smash them.


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10 responses to “Hello. We’re idiots!

  1. You make me feel like such a lazy schmuck. Of course, I AM a lazy schmuck, so that’s not hard. My kitchen deadline is: “I want to stuff my Thanksgiving turkey in a completed kitchen.” If that doesn’t happen, “I want to bake Christmas cookies in a completed kitchen.” I think we have a chance at that one. What are we doing now? Eating brie and watching college football. Sigh … I think we need a project manager to whip us.

  2. I love the costumes. We are still trying to figure out what we want to do for Halloween. This has taking over the time that I should be dedicating to projects. Arg! I am excited to see what you have been doing.

  3. Jo

    I’m in a hurry up and wait mode which sounds like it can be more fun than hurry up and work mode. You’re getting things done. Woo-hoo, can’t wait to see the results. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  4. I love this post! And I love it when it’s all GO GO GO! You can blog afterwards as a scrapbook souvenir of your journey 🙂 Good luck with your deadline! x

  5. Oh man, I so badly want a manicure. Pre-renovation I gave myself a DIY (of course!) French manicure every single week. It’s been a while… I had no idea you guys were doing so much in such a short space of time, I guess I assume that everyone ambles along with a rough ten-year timescale the way we do! Dunno which of our deadlines is more nuts 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your latest progress.

    • I think we’re definitely the stupid ones. We moved in in Dec but work didn’t really begin until March. So, there’s been a lot to get done in the last 7 months! My nails make me want to cry, I feel like such a skank when I go to meetings and see the state of them, then I notice paint on my arms and – the other day – in my fringe!

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