An attractive butt

We inherited a plastic water butt when we moved in, quite small and not terribly attractive. Butt ugly, one might say.

Butt ugly

The fabric in the window is Jude’s mum’s old duvet cover – retro 70s tastic!

So, as we wanted to replace it for a larger one anyway we decided to look for something a little more attractive – given we see it all the time and can’t tuck it away somewhere.

A bit of searching round t’interweb led us to oak barrel water butts. We figured that if we needed something practical then it may as well look good – function doens’t always need to win against form.

Our butt was delivered earlier this week and today we got round to unwrapping it.

Roll out the barrel

Roll out the barrel

Oak barrel water butt

Just fits into the corner

Barrel butt

The old whisky barrel not only looks good but also smells ace!

Wooden barrel water butt

Here’s hoping our plants will like the whisky fumes as much as we do…..

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